Fencing Instruction Part 1: Preparatory Movements

First in a series from David Littell intended to help students understand the sport of fencing. This video helps a student learn the basic qualities of movement. Before jumping right into advances, retreats, and lunges it’s a good idea to go through exercises like these to gain your sense of fencing balance. David Littell goes […]

Glossary of Fencing Terms

The following is a listing of several fencing terms.  This glossary has been compiled from official definitions from the International Fencing Federation (FIE). Glossary of Terms in Fencing Advance: To step forward. Beat: A sharp tap on an opponent’s blade to initiate or threaten an attack. Black card: A card from the referee signifying a […]

FAQ: How Long is a Fencing Sword?

The maximum length for a foil or epee is 110 centimeters (about 43.3 inches.) The maximum length for a fencing sabre is 105 centimeters (about 41.33 inches).

You Know You’re Going to Lose

This weekend I faced a teaching moment that came from an unlikely place. My sons were all taking turns at a video game. My oldest was playing his turn and was behind by two scores with the clock winding down. His younger brother commented (a couple of times) “you’re going to lose”. It wasn’t said […]

Injured Athletes: Nutrition Tips to Hasten Healing


Being injured is one of the hardest parts of being an athlete. If you are unable to exercise due to broken bones, knee surgery, stress fracture, or concussion, you may wonder: What can I eat to heal quickly? How can I avoid getting fat while I’m unable to exercise? Should I be taking supplements? This […]

What is a Simple Attack?

Here’s a video from the 1992 Coaches College where coach Ron Miller leads a lecture on the simple attack.

Using Non-Combativity as a Tactic

In the 2012 Milwaukee Division I Men’s Epee NAC, Benjamin Wieder was facing Jimmy Moody in the round of 32. Moody secured a 4-5 touch lead at the end of period one. Entering period 2, Moody proceeded to withdraw his blade from reach, fully understanding that Wieder’s forte was in his blade work. Wieder desperately […]

Expanding Your Sports Diet: Seeds and Grains

Seeds and grains are health-enhancing choices to include in your sports diet, their nutritional value can sometimes get exaggerated. The following information offers a perspective on some “trendy” foods that are getting mainstreamed

Buying Youth Fencing Shoes

Confused about what shoes to buy your child for their fencing classes? Take a look at our guide to purchasing shoes for your youth fencer. We’ll break down a few of our finds to fit those kids with feet smaller than the normal range of regular fencing shoes.

From the Archives: Kogler Epee Traning Documents

Someone looking through some of our older forum threads for epee training information brought up a set of documents from a training camp in the 80s: I am looking for a copy of an old epee manual and lesson plan that was written by Aladar (Kogler) back in the mid-80’s (or so). A few years […]